Tetra Soft was developed to help business organizations running properly in the world of globalization. For these responsibilities and challenges, Tetra Soft is applying its acquired knowledge, skills, experience, expertise and professionalism.

Its infrastructure, software design, development, implementation and maintenance capabilities help to provide customized software solutions to any business enterprises.Within the short spans of its establishment, it has successfully designed, tested and implemented a lot of renowned projects, which are now running under multi-user environment having different platforms.

Custom made
Software Development

Creating innovative software solutions has always been one of our core business. We put this into practice in the development of Tetra Soft and offer this as a service to customers to create tailored solutions. Custom made software is based on two solid principles, i) a pool of experts and ii) a solid set of development techniques.

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IT Consultancy
And Trainig

Whatever your IT requirements, from a single PC, to installing a network, or simply making the best use of the Internet, we can assist you with these tasks. We also provide bespoke training and support to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from your computer systems.

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Success of a business or an organization largely depends on the management of its resources through proper planning. ERP packages have proved to be cost effective and can help to improve the efficiency of organizations. The main objective of ERP solutions is to integrate various functions/departments/divisions within an organization to enable them to operate optimally so as to reduce cost, increase profitability, and achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

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And E-Commerce

E-commerce builds a whole new channel to interact with customers, vendors and trading partners in a timely and cost effective manner. This division was set up considering the phenomenal grouth in this sector. Tetra Soft quickly realized the impact of net and the tremendous applications that could be developed for the web.

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