Custom made Software Development


Tetra Soft offers standard and customized software solutions. A qualified and skilled team of software engineers analyzes system requirements & specifications at the client side. The system is designed, implemented, tested and delivered by applying appropriate methodologies. The total solution is customer oriented and meets its clients objectives, for high quality product, cost-effectively and on schedule. Tetra Soft provides Intellectual Property Protection and supports post implementation maintenance.

Using the expertise and skills, Tetra Soft makes the quality software products, which has

  • Maintainability: Possible to meet the changing needs of customers.
  • Dependability: Includes reliability, security and safety. Should not cause physical or economic damage in the event of system failure.
  • Efficiency: Not to make wasteful use of system resources such as memory and processor cycles.
  • Usability: To have an appropriate user interface and adequate documentation.

ERP Solutions

Success of a business or an organization largely depends on the management of its resources through proper planning. ERP packages have proved to be cost effective and can help to improve the efficiency of organizations.

The main objective of ERP solutions is to integrate various functions/departments/divisions within an organization to enable them to operate optimally so as to reduce cost, increase profitability, and achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

ERP packages cover most of the important functions and reports of an organization, which are described as follows:

Sales and Order Processing
  • Receiving and processing of sales order
  • Generating material requirement
  • Developing production schedules
  • Registering finished product

Materials Management
  • Market trends and price movements
  • Supply position report
  • Stock and inventory reports
  • Materials quality, productivity and consumption reports
  • Purchase department costs
  • Vendor Development

  • Quantity of production and productivity reports
  • Variance analysis reports - labor, material and overhead
  • Changes in methods of production, design, and system.
  • Quality control; spoilage, defective works, and rejection reports
  • Maintenance cost
  • Production reports
  • Departmental efficiency report and operating statement
  • Cost of production of jobs
  • Reports on material consumption

  • Periodical Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Budgets; master budget and capital budget
  • Return on capital analysis
  • Report on company's financial position. Various financial ratios
  • Taxation and legislation and their effect on the company's profit

HRD Module
  • Recruitment statistics and training costs
  • Absenteeism, idle time, overtime, shift work
  • Welfare schemes
  • Payroll
  • Personnel and man-power planning and control

Marketing and Sales
  • Sales volume, orders received, and others in hand
  • Project cost reports
  • Feasibility study for a project
  • Marketing information reports
  • Analysis of sales order bookings and backlog
  • Sales analysis by products or product groups, territories, regions, salesmen
  • Reports on credit control

Internet And E-commerce

E-commerce builds a whole new channel to interact with customers, vendors and trading partners in a timely and cost effective manner. This division was set up considering the phenomenal grouth in this sector. Tetra Soft quickly realized the impact of net and the tremendous applications that could be developed for the web.

Tetra Soft set up a team of professionals with varied skill sets like ASP, Java, HTML, DHTML, VB Script, Java Script, etc,, and found tremendous success right from the inception of this division.

  • Web page development
  • Web enabling existing applications
  • Developing customized web based application
  • Consultancy of Online Money Transaction